Describe the basic biospheric functions of living matter.

Allocate the following most important functions of living matter on the planet: energy, gas, concentration, redox. The energy function is realized primarily by green plants. The main supplier of energy to the biosphere is the Sun. The gas function is the constant gas exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between living organisms and the environment during photosynthesis and respiration. The redox function is the variety of chemical reactions that occur in the body during its life. Concentration function – the selective accumulation by a living substance of chemical elements scattered in the environment. For example, the shells of diatoms, animal skeletons, mollusk shells – all these are manifestations of the concentration function of living matter.

Function of living matter Manifestation
Energy green plants are the main suppliers of energy to the biosphere
Gas gas exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide
Oxis-Restore variety of chemical reactions
Concentration selective accumulation of chemicals
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