Describe the features of Latin American society and the role of the Catholic religion in it

The Catholic religion had a great influence on the formation of nations. Back in the XVI century. the church in Latin American states has set itself the goal of promoting the convergence of spiritual culture between the various groups that made up the population of the colonies (Spaniards, Negroes, Indians, mestizos). Each group was encouraged to embrace a common faith and customs. In Mexico, for example, back in the 16th century. the cult of the Holy Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadelupe, was formed. So first the cult of a local saint arose, and then the church spread it throughout the country. Religious holidays, coronations created numerous occasions for the gathering of huge masses of people.
Religious processions, which gathered crowds of worshipers from all over the kingdom in one place, helped to strengthen ties between the inhabitants of the country. And gradually the cult of the Virgin Mary of Guadelupe united the inhabitants of Mexico: everyone who worshiped this saint was considered to belong to the Mexican nation. In general, the Catholic religion and the Catholic Church played a large role in the life of Latin Americans. The Catholic Church, through its parishes, influenced 90% of the population of Latin America.

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