Describe the geographical location of Eurasia

1) The continent is located in the Northern Hemisphere between approximately 9 ° W and 169 ° W, while part of the islands of Eurasia is located in the Southern Hemisphere. Most of continental Eurasia lies in the Eastern Hemisphere, although the extreme western and eastern extremities of the mainland are in the Western Hemisphere.
2) Coordinates of extreme points:
1. The length from west to east of 16 thousand km
2. Cape Chelyuskina (Russia) 7743 s. – sowing point
3. Cape Piai (Malaysia) 116 s. – south dot
4. The cape. Roca (Portugal) 931 W – west point
5. Cape Dezhnev (Russia) 169.42 west – east dot
The length of the mainland from north to south:
in degrees 76;
in kilometers 8443.6.
The length of the mainland from west to east:
in degrees 200;
in kilometers 17776.
3) All climatic zones: arctic, subarctic, temperate, tropical, subtropical.
4) Currents: Kuril-Kamchatka, Kurosilo, North Atlantic, Norwegian, Monsoon. Oceans: Indian, Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific. Seas: East Siberian, Kara, Bering, Japanese.
5) Regarding Antarctica to the north, relative to Australia northwest, relative to North America east, relative to South America north-east.
6) Bay of Bengal, Bering Strait, Hindustan Peninsula, Chukotka Peninsula, Arabian Sea, East China Sea, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Thailand, Mediterranean Sea, East Siberian Sea

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