Describe the geographical position of the two seas (optional) and fill out the table

Description of the geographical position of the sea The answers The answers
1. Name (optional) 1. The Black Sea

2. The White Sea

3. The Red Sea

1. The Baltic Sea

2. Sea of ​​Okhotsk

3. The Caribbean

2. Geographical location:

a) in the oceans;

b) relative to other objects

Black Sea – a) the inland sea of ​​the pool of the Atlantic Ocean; b) cuts into Kramskov Peninsula, p and found on the rear between Europe and Asia.

The White Sea – a) the inland sea, refers to the Arctic Ocean; b) located in the north of the European part of Russia.

Red Sea – a) the inland sea of ​​the Indian Ocean; b) located between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa in a tectonic depression.

Baltic Sea – a) belongs to the basin of the Atlantic Ocean; b) located in Northern Europe.

The Sea of ​​Okhotsk – a) the sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean; b) is separated from the ocean by the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Kuril Islands and the island of Hokkaido.

The Caribbean – a) belongs to the Atlantic Ocean basin; b) from the west and south it is limited to Central and South America.

3. Depth (medium and greatest) 1.240 m, 2210 m.

2. 67 m, 340 m.

3.490 m, 2211 m.

1. 51 m, 470 m.

2.1780 m, 3916 m.

3. 2500 m, 7686 m.

4. Salinity 1. low 17%

2. 35%

3. 41 g in 1 liter (very salty )

1. 10-18%

2. 34.5%

3. 35.5-16%

5. Temperature 1.6-25





3. 3-28

6. Comparison of the geographical position of the seas The Caribbean Sea is located in the Western Hemisphere, between Central and South America, the Black Sea in the Eastern Hemisphere, in southern Eurasia, divides Europe and Asia, the White Sea in the Eastern Hemisphere, in the north, the Baltic Sea in the Eastern Hemisphere in the west.
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