Describe the main adaptive features of representatives of different races. What evolution factor contributed to their appearance?

The differences between the human races are the result of natural selection in different living conditions in the presence of geographical isolation. Representatives of the Caucasian (Eurasian) race are characterized mainly by light or slightly dark skin. This race is characterized by straight or wavy hair, a narrow protruding nose and thin lips, as well as a pronounced facial hair (in the form of a mustache and beard) in men. The Negroid (Australian-Negroid) race is characterized by dark skin color, curly or wavy dark hair. Its representatives are characterized by a flat, slightly protruding nose, thick lips and dark eye color. The listed signs are adaptations to a hot climate. The Mongoloid (Asian-American) race is characterized by dark skin, straight, hard, dark hair. The face is flattened, with well-defined cheekbones, the nose and lips are of medium width, the hairline on the face is poorly developed. There is a skin fold in the inner corner of the eye – an epicanthus.

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