Describe the main properties of the modifications. Why is non-hereditary variation also called group? Certain?

Modifications have the following basic properties:
– Reversibility – with the change of external conditions in individuals, the severity of certain signs changes.
– In most cases, they are adequate, i.e. the severity of the sign is directly dependent on the intensity and duration of the action of a factor.
– They have an adaptive (adaptive) character. This means that in response to the changing environmental conditions, the individual manifests phenotypic changes that contribute to its survival.
– Mass – the same factor causes approximately the same changes in individuals that are genotypically similar.
– Modifications are not inherited, because modification variability is not accompanied by a change in genotype.
Non-hereditary (modification) variability is called group, since certain changes in environmental conditions cause similar changes in all individuals of one or another species (mass property). Modification variability is also called definite, because modifications are adequate, predictable and are accompanied by a change in the phenotype of individuals in a certain direction.

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