Describe the role of prokaryotes in the biosphere.

Prokaryotes carry out photosynthesis, thereby producing oxygen in the atmosphere. Among prokaryotes, chemosynthesis is widespread. In addition, there are nitrogen-fixing forms among bacterial organisms: this is the only group of living organisms on our planet that are capable of assimilating nitrogen directly from atmospheric air and thus involve molecular nitrogen in the biological cycle.
Also, prokaryotes have another important function: the return of inorganic substances to the environment through the destruction (mineralization) of organic compounds.
At the level of the biosphere as a whole, prokaryotes, primarily bacteria, have another very important function – concentration. They are able to actively extract certain elements from the environment, even at extremely low concentrations.
The properties and functions of prokaryotes are so diverse that, in principle, they are capable of creating stably functioning ecosystems that are (i.e., only with their participation).

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