Describe the stages of the main methods of hardening.

Hardening by the sun
1. Take a bath in the morning from 8 to 12 hours
2. The initial duration should not exceed 5-10 minutes. Gradually increasing by 3-5 minutes, bringing the exposure to the sun to 1 hour.
3. For an even tan, it is necessary to alternately turn the back, side, stomach to the sun.
Air hardening
1. It is better to start taking air baths when the air temperature is not lower than 20 ° С (they are more effective the more the large surface of the skin is exposed and comes in contact with air).
2. For children, the duration of the first procedure is 5-10 minutes. Each day, they can be extended by 5-10 minutes and brought up to 1.5-3 hours.
3. In summer, air baths can be combined with bathing or dousing with cool water.
4. When taking air baths, you should combine them with active movements. This greatly enhances their hardening effect.
Water quenching
1. Water quenching should be started by wiping with a damp towel. The air temperature in the room where the procedure is carried out should not be lower than 18-20 ° C, water – 30-32 ° C. Reducing the water temperature daily by 0.5-1 ° C, it is brought to 16-18 ° C. Wiping is carried out with a sponge or wet terry towel for 2-3 minutes in various directions. After wiping, the body is rubbed with a rough dry towel, directing movements from the limbs to the side of the heart.
2. People prone to colds, it is useful to additionally conduct hardening of the legs. Foot baths are taken in a warm room at a water temperature of 28-30 ° C for 1 minute, then every 10 days the temperature is reduced by 1 – 2 ° C, bringing it to 10-12 ° C, and the duration of the procedures is up to 5 minutes. Contrast baths can also be used by immersing the feet alternately in water at a temperature of 40 and 15 ° C for 1-3 minutes. After the procedure, the feet are wiped dry and rubbed.
3. Pouring water – the next stage of hardening. Water with a temperature of 30–32 ° C is poured over a neck and shoulders from a bucket, a jug for 1-2 minutes. Gradually, the temperature was brought to 21-22 ° C. After the procedure, the body is wiped dry.
4. An effective means of hardening is a shower. Here, the temperature effect of water is combined with mechanical. It is recommended to begin hardening with a water temperature of 30–32 ° С, gradually lowering it to 20–22 ° С. The duration of the procedure is from 1 to 5 minutes.
5. They also have healing effects. Before entering the steam room, you should take a shower. You should protect your head from overheating with a woolen hat or towel, and breathe through your nose. For the first time, you should not be in the steam room for more than 5 minutes. Before leaving the bath, you should relax in a special room – a dressing room.
6. In the summer, for hardening, use bathing in open water. Bathing should begin at a water temperature of 20-22 ° C, and air – 20-24 ° C. The duration of the first bath is 2-3 minutes, then bathing can be brought up to 15-25 minutes. Do not swim on an empty stomach or immediately after eating, it is not recommended to enter the water heated after exercise. After bathing, wipe the body and change into dry clothes.

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