Determine in which direction the earth’s surface is falling between points with coordinates 64 ° N. and 69 ° east and 55 ° N and 78 ° east

Answer: heading south.
I determined this through the physical map of Russia. Now in more detail:
To make it clear what kind of territory we are talking about, I will inform you that the point with coordinates is 64 ° C. w. and 69 ° in. The village is located halfway from Salekhard to Surgut. This is the site of the Siberian Uvaly, i.e. it is a hill with gentle slopes. Point with coordinates 55 ° C. w. and 78 ° c. The village is located on the eastern shore of Lake Chany. This lake is located on the territory of the Baraba Lowland. Having appreciated the change of large relief forms from the northern point to the southern one, I inform you that the earth’s surface is lowering towards the south, since the Vasyugan plain follows (to the south), which is replaced by the Baraba lowland.

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