Determine the mass of ethanol required to produce ethylene with a volume of 5.6 l. The product yield is considered 100%.

We write the reaction equation:

C2H5OH  – H₂SO₄ (conc.), T ° -> C2H4 + H2O

We calculate the amount of ethylene substance:

n (C2H4) = V (C2H4) / Vm = 5.6 / 22.4 = 0.25 mol

In the reaction equation, C2H5OH and C2H4 face the same coefficients. This means that the number of moles of these substances is also equal:

n (C2H5OH) = n (C2H4) = 0.25 mol


m (C2H5OH) = n (C2H5OH) ⋅ M (C2H5OH) = 0.25 ⋅ 46 = 11.5 g

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