Determine the order of your behavior during a flash flood (rainfall) if it caught you on the street.

Do not panic or lose your temper. As soon as possible, take the nearest safe, elevated place and be prepared for evacuation by water, including with the help of improvised boats. When water rises, you should climb onto the roof, and when it abruptly arrives, climb onto the ridge of the roof. Tie children and sick, weakened and frozen people to yourself or strong parts of the roof, for example, to the chimney. Climbing trees, poles and dubious structural strength is not allowed. They can be washed by streams of water, and fall; To attract the attention of rescuers, constantly give a distress signal: in the daytime, you can hang a white or colored cloth in a high place, and at night give light signals. Stay on the upper floors and roofs of buildings and other elevated areas until assistance arrives. Independent evacuation can be carried out only if it is necessary to provide emergency medical assistance to victims, lack of food, deterioration of the situation or loss of confidence in receiving assistance from outside. For independent evacuation, it is advisable to use personal boats or boats, rafts from logs and other improvised materials.

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