Determine what will be the legal liability in these circumstances.

• The young man tied the man up because he was protecting the girl who was attacked by the man.
• The girl stole the camera because she didn’t want anyone to see the pictures she had just taken.
• The man exceeded the speed, as he was taking the giving birth wife to the hospital.
• A woman poisoned mice, a neighbor’s cat died.
• During a street pursuit of terrorists, police officers accidentally knocked down a passer-by, damaged several cars and smashed a shop window.
1. Legal liability will not be imposed on the man who tied the man, since he was acting within the framework of necessary defense.
2. Criminal liability with mitigating circumstance.
3. Legal liability will not be imposed as it was absolutely necessary.
4. This may be an accidental coincidence, the woman did not want to kill the cat – civil liability.
5. Police officers acted in a situation of emergency.

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