Determine which ocean on Earth would not have life? Why?

This is the Atlantic Ocean.
Since ancient times, the oceans have been one of the main sources of food and the condition of life on Earth. It has not only rich and diverse flora and fauna, but also a large reserve of minerals. Today, the oceans are the richest source of resources on the planet. The ocean is used not only for the extraction of biological and mineral resources, but also serves as a space for the development of shipping, and is also a therapeutic and recreational environment.
Water has a huge heat capacity, which allows it to accumulate heat in the summer, saving the surrounding area from destructive heat for all living. In winter, the ocean gives up the heat accumulated in summer, saving all life from freezing. In addition, the ocean is a source of moisture (precipitation).
Oceans, seas, as well as fresh water bodies are the most important source of food for the world’s population.

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