Distribution of plant fruits.

If the seed gets into favorable conditions for germination, then a new plant can grow from it. Very rarely, seeds germinate on the plant itself.

Most seed plants are spread by animals at considerable distances from the mother’s body, as well as by wind, water and humans. In the course of a long historical development, the fruits developed adaptations so that the wind, animals or water carried them as far as possible.

Dandelion seeds can travel ten kilometers with the help of the wind.
Many plant fruits and seeds attach to animal hair and human clothing, such as milk thistle fruits.
In aquatic plants, such as the roguelite, water carries the fruit.

The person also participates in the spread of seeds. Being engaged in agriculture and forestry, he accidentally or deliberately spreads the fruits and seeds of valuable and weeds, as well as woody plants, changing the vegetation cover of the Earth.

Some plants are capable of self-propagating (self-propagating) seeds.
Example: this is the rebound of the fruit when it falls (oak, apple, horse chestnut); shooting seeds from bursting fruits when they ripen (peas, touch-me-not, lupine, violet, mad cucumber); scattering of seeds when rocking the stem (poppy, tulip), self-covering of fruits in the soil (peanuts).

Light floating fruits and seeds are carried by water (water lily, marigold).

For those spread by the wind, adaptations go in two directions: reducing the weight of the seeds (orchids) or increasing their windage through the formation of outgrowths, wings, flyers (dandelion, birch, maple).

Fruits that open themselves to scatter seeds are called unfolding fruits.

The pea pod dries up, curls up and throws out seeds
Crazy cucumber can shoot its seeds over a meter away

Fruits that do not open themselves are called non-revealing.
Sunflower seeds do not open themselves
The acorn is a non-opening fruit. In the spring, a sprouting seed breaks it

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