Do childhood dreams affect career choices?

Every child dreams about who he will work when he grows up. Someone wants to be a doctor, an astronaut, an artist or a banker, and someone wants to work where their parents work. Children love to imitate adults and therefore dream of the profession that they often see, and it seems interesting to them.

Dreaming is always interesting. Children see only what they want to see in the work of adults. A truck driver, for example, drives the whole day and travels around the country or abroad. A doctor treats people with interesting devices. The artist constantly performs in front of the public, has many fans and has fun. The seller always sells and receives money for this. The banker himself has a lot of money in the bank and can buy whatever he wants on it. Cosmonauts and sailors also have a very dangerous and romantic profession. The train driver all the time riding a large and beautiful engine. Models all the time though in beautiful dresses and are photographed for magazines.

And for some reason, few people dream of being a janitor, housekeeper or working as a loader. According to adults, these are not prestigious and low-paying professions. They do not need to study much at the university. Adult beliefs often affect a child’s dreams.

Often, children’s hobbies become a future profession. A child who has been fond of drawing since childhood can become an artist. Young dancers or figure skaters can train and educate future stars in adulthood. A child who loves animals can become a veterinarian or animal trainer. A boy who likes to play with soldiers can become an officer in the future and defend his homeland. A child can be fond of computers since childhood, not only play games, but also compose them himself – such a child can become a programmer. Girls, and sometimes boys who like to fantasize with clothes, can become fashion designers. A talented and gifted child can become an artist. But young dreamers do not know yet how difficult adult life can be and how many difficult moments there are in every profession.

Children who want to work in the same place where their parents since childhood can not only dream, but also get to know their future work better. Sometimes such an acquaintance can disappoint and destroy a dream.

In many ways, dreams can depend on which family the child grew up in. If children are brought up in a good, decent family and they have the opportunity to embody their childhood imagination and work with those who have been dreaming of since childhood. And it happens that children are left without parents. They have a difficult childhood. But they strive to get a good specialty and earn a lot of money. The most persistent and purposeful achieve this.

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