Do you agree with the point of view that after the creation of the North German Confederation a new history of Germany began?

Yes, the creation of the North German Confederation made it possible for a new center of the “German world” to emerge, although the member states of the Union retained the monarchical system, their dynasties, governments, armies, laws and judicial orders. At the head of the North German Confederation was a president, to whose office the Prussian king was forever appointed. The North German Confederation had its own constitution, its own parliament (elected on the basis of universal suffrage), and a Union Council, which consisted of ministers and representatives from all states. Since the population of Prussia was four times the population of the rest of North Germany, the majority of the deputies were from Prussia, which also consolidated its leading role in the North German Confederation. We have concluded customs, military and other treaties with states that were not part of the union.

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