Does a dream always come true?

The word dream itself implies an extremely low degree of translatability into reality, in other words, a dream is an object that most often resides somewhere in the realm of dreams and only occasionally finds itself in a space that is visible to a person. Indeed, there are examples when people achieve something unimaginable, it happens when circumstances just add up in some amazing way and we have a dream embodied in reality. However, for the most part, a dream remains a dream and that is its beauty.

By the way, it’s quite interesting to parse the word delight in this context. It turns out in the Orthodox tradition that word refers to various joys that demons promise ascetics. From here comes the word deceive.

Therefore, monks and believers are advised not to pay attention to different charms at all, that is, in a sense, not to dream, but are these people taken away from their dreams? In fact, they do not take it away, because before them there is always a goal of spiritual perfection, which is practically unattainable, but always remains a goal to which one should move.

As you can see, in all areas the dream, as a rule, does not materialize and does not become part of this world, but this is the function of the dream, which acts as a kind of support, which the car’s winch is hooked to pull out of the pit. A dream is somewhere far away, but attracts to itself and thanks to this it allows you to move in a certain vector. Eliminate such support and movement is not possible or remains simply a mashing without any progress.

Of course, this state of affairs does not pose the task of creating a dream of some specially unimaginable and obviously unattainable. Probably, you need to choose an option that can be feasible, but only with great difficulty, with a combination of circumstances. When combining a huge number of factors that become the result of a dream come true.

Also, one should not dream of something easily attainable, after all, dreaming belongs to the realm of the imagination and it’s rather silly to fill the mental space, with something like going to a store and buying bread with cheese and making a sandwich. If you imagine this at the level of dreams, then it is easily embodied and you need to think about something else, such a change of dreams a little impoverishes the inner world.

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