During sexual reproduction, each offspring receives DNA from both parents. What is the point of this cross-breeding?

Meaning – diverse genetic information determines a variety of properties that help to better and faster adapt to changing environmental conditions and contributes to better survival and the abandonment of fertile offspring.
Limiting factor
1. Limiting factors for humans – clean water, clean air, clean food
2. The absence of cracks, food leftovers, the most important condition is the absence of water
3. The limiting factors for begonias and cacti on the windowsill are different. Factors differ in quantity (a lot or a little)
Plants of different habitats require different conditions and if they are not respected plant life will be inhibited. Difference between limiting factors for cactus and begonia:
* direct sunlight for begonias is a limiting factor, for cactus not
* moisture – begonias need moisture and a lot of water, cactus doesn’t
4. To prevent water blooming in the aquarium, snails are needed, which will eat algae from the walls, thereby cleaning the aquarium.
In lakes, herbivorous fish species are the limiting factor for algae

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