Duties of public officials from among the senators of Rome.

Every year the Romans elected two consuls – the highest representatives of government. They were in charge of all affairs in the Senate and in the army. After serving a year in office, consuls could become proconsuls (governors of the Roman provinces).
Eight praetors were chosen to become judges. Four aediles were required to keep order in markets, streets, and public buildings. They also organized and paid for public shows, which made them popular. Annually, the Romans elected 20 financial administrators, called quaestres. After 80 BC. e. every Roman elected to the post of quaestor automatically became a senator.
In extraordinary circumstances, the state authorities could appoint a dictator, whose powers were established for 6 months. He had absolute supreme power over all citizens. The dictator could appoint himself an assistant who bore the title of chief of the cavalry. Every five years, two censors were elected from the former consuls for a period of 18 months. They were engaged in checking the list of senators, excluding unworthy ones from it and introducing new ones. The censors were also responsible for concluding government contracts, organizing public works and collecting taxes.

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