Entrepreneurs-capitalists of modern times

Capitalist entrepreneurs began to be called bourgeois. They were divided into several groups. The top of them was made up of merchants conducting international trade, bankers and tax farmers. The bourgeois were engaged in trade in cities, opened small manufactories, provided the market with food or raw materials for manufactories. At the very bottom were the traders from the stalls who were engaged in peddling trade.
The houses and everyday life of entrepreneurs were different. The richest of them bought expensive mansions and estates from the ruined aristocracy. Their lifestyle was no different from the top of society. They often bought government positions and played an important role in the life of the country.
In the homes of wealthy people, food was varied and plentiful. Many spices were added to it. There was wheat bread and meat here. In the XVIII century. in wealthy houses they drank tea, chocolate, coffee with milk, sugar consumption increased.

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