Essay on “How I Spent the Summer”

Summer is my favorite season. It is warm on the street, there are no classes at school, you can go out with friends from morning till evening, go to barbecue and, of course, go to the sea. Summer is always full of vivid impressions and memories. And this summer was no exception.

The beginning of summer was very interesting. My friends and I gathered almost every day in the yard, often played football, rode a bicycle and roller skated. The weather was good, and sometimes we went for a walk in the forest. Once the parents allowed us to walk until late, and we went into the forest. In the evening we lit a fire, fried potatoes. Someone brought a guitar. We sat around the campfire, played the guitar, sang songs and ate our own baked potatoes. This evening was so good that it became one of the most memorable this summer.

Even this summer, my parents and I went to the lake. We arrived there in the morning, and bathed and sunbathed all day. I met the guys who played volleyball and playing with them. It was a lot of fun. In the evening we made kebabs. I made a bonfire with my dad. I really liked the lake, and it was very sad that this day was ending.

In rainy weather, I mostly sat at home. I played computer, watched movies and read books. Of course, I didn’t really like to sit at home, and I looked forward to the end of the rain, so that I could go for a walk again. This summer we walked a lot and spent time in the fresh air. We also tried to play the game of childhood of our parents, “Cossacks-robbers.” All the guys really liked this game.

In late summer, the whole family we went to the lake almost every weekend. I swam a lot, and always reluctantly crawled out of the water. I really like to swim. During these trips to the lake, I managed to get a good tan. I liked to go there, and I was looking forward to the next weekend to go again.

Unfortunately, summer is passing very quickly. And autumn had already come, and classes at school began. Although this summer I did not go to distant lands, I did not see outlandish places, this time was very interesting. Since this summer there are many wonderful memories, vivid emotions. Summer is like a little life, and I would like to relive it again.

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