Essay on “How I Spent the Winter Holidays”

I especially love the winter holidays, because they account for my favorite holidays – Christmas and New Year. Although they are not as long as the summer holidays, they are bright and cheerful, full of festive events. At school, the holidays began a little earlier than the New Year holidays, so I had enough time to help my parents decorate the house and Christmas tree with Christmas decorations. I was also able to buy gifts for all my relatives and friends, for this I had to go around more than one store.

I spent the winter holidays with my family and friends at home, and only at the end of the holidays I went to my aunt and cousin. On December 31, we started traditionally with cooking on a festive table. Grandmother and grandfather, as well as family friends, were supposed to come to us. This time I was commissioned to make olivier, in addition, my father and I went to the supermarket for groceries. Closer to eight o’clock the guests began to arrive. First, we spent the New Year, and then went to the central city square. There were a lot of people, everyone was dancing and singing, dancing around the Christmas tree. Closer to midnight, fireworks began.

We celebrated New Year already at home. It was very warm and comfortable. The main dish on the table was the mother’s crown dish – chicken with prunes and oranges. We celebrated until five in the morning, had fun and watched our favorite family comedy “Home Alone”. In the morning under the Christmas tree I found a lot of sweets and a new computer game.

At Christmas, I went to the circus with my parents and brother for a New Year’s performance. We took a lot of pictures with animals and clowns. I especially liked the tricks. On January 8, we went with my brother to my aunt, who lives in a neighboring city. It was very interesting how they decorated the house and how they spent New Year’s Eve. As it turned out, the aunt’s family celebrated New Year in the square to see a big firework. She said that Santa Claus and Snegurochka were also on the square, who held competitions and entertained people.

It was a little sad that the holidays were ending, but I was glad that I would soon see my school friends, whom I really missed.

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