Essay on “My Favorite Weather”

Probably everyone thinks that you can’t name one (favorite) weather, which can be found in all seasons. For example, heat is always, but not in winter. (Unless you are sitting in a fur coat by the battery.) Or the same rain. (Winter knocks all the cards!) Although a frosty blizzard happens, on the contrary, it doesn’t happen in the summer. Of course, the climate is changing now, but so far not to the extent that a snowstorm in the summer.

So about your favorite weather … I have one that happens in any season. It is sunny! Most of all I like sunlight. If the morning begins with the sun’s rays in the room, then I immediately have a great mood. It gives me strength, it boosts my mood. It’s bad when the school is so early that the sun has not yet risen.

In summer, the sun is in force. You can sunbathe! If on a reservoir, then it shines so beautifully (on waves). It quickly dries sand, clothes … But if it is too hot from it, then you can just hide. But still, looking at the sun’s rays in the hot air, which almost melts, is very pleasant. In the spring the Sun is so warm, even if the snow still lies. It is especially pleasing when driving winter away. The first green appears, at least on the windowsills … Beauty! How it plays in drops, streams, on young greenery – so brilliant. As illuminated by flowering plants … In autumn, the sun is also especially nice, because without it it is cold! Here it beautifully illuminates golden foliage, sparkles on the first ice in frosts, on wet trees … And in winter, how beautiful everything shines in the sun! Snow – in all colors, ice! In general, the sun will save and decorate any weather. Especially rain – then everything is fabulous then. So my weather is sunny.

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