Essay on “My Perfect Day”

It was a typical autumn morning. Insolent sun penetrated the bedroom through the thick curtains. I like to sleep, in addition, today is a day off; you do not need to get up early. After hiding with the sun, my dream disappeared, and I had to get up. Having done all the water procedures, I went to the kitchen. My family was waiting for me there.

After breakfast, I began to gather in the forest, taking everything I needed: food, a telephone and headphones to enjoy the silence. It’s about twenty minutes to my favorite place, but it’s worth it.

On the street you can feel cool air, the sun shines brightly, but it does not warm as before. The blue sky, with clouds of different sizes and shapes, seems closer. On the way, I admired the beauty, the trees gradually changed color: sometimes crimson, then yellow, somewhere still flashed green. The trees rustled wearily with foliage, and a quiet wind cut off the barely holding leaves. A rustling carpet began to appear on the road. I had to go through the forest to my place, where I could calmly dream alone.

Entering the forest, I felt the leaves rustling under my feet, somewhere green grass seeped, half yellowed from the sun. Stopping, I looked up. How beautiful it is, the sun and the blue sky were visible between the branches, the foliage was bright and colorful, the foliage of birch and aspen smoothly descended to the ground, in the rhythm of a waltz. No longer was the joyful singing of birds, which was replaced by roll call, they were going to the south. Some of course stayed, looking for nests. Crouching on the bank of the river, I began to observe nature. The sun was shining so brightly that it looked like rays were rolling along the waves. Reflected beautiful colorful forest gliding along the waves. Suddenly a flock of ducks appeared, floating out from behind a turn.

The sun began to sink to the horizon, leaving a light pink color. Approaching the horizon, the sky took on a richer color, the horizon became fiery, the higher it rose, the brighter it became. The clouds, instead of pure white, turned a poor pink. In the distance was seen a flock of birds, which were getting closer and closer to the ground, going to spend the night. The yellow disc slowly plunged over the horizon, leaving behind a colorful trail. Finally, the sun hid behind the forest.

It began to get dark, I began to get home, where relatives and a hot dinner were waiting for me. Walking home, I often stopped and watched the beauty, recalling everything that I saw today. A strong wind blew, which eagerly tore off the foliage. It was no longer just leaf fall, but a blizzard of leaves. Gray clouds appeared in the sky, it was going to rain. But this did not spoil my mood, because I love rain. This is what my perfect day looks like. When there is no worries, and no one distracts over trifles. Although there are not many such days, they still exist.

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