Essay on Revenge and Generosity

Revenge and generosity are such different concepts and at the same time going so close together. Each of us often faces a choice: to forgive a person or to answer him evil with the evil done. As a rule, these are daily minor troubles: a quarrel on a bus or a queue at the cinema, misunderstanding with parents and friends, resentment against a teacher for an unfair assessment. And every day we choose how to behave in such situations. The simplest answer is a rude word, after which a real “war” can break out. And you can smile, apologize or joke, and this only extinguish the conflict. But these are also peculiar manifestations of such feelings as revenge and generosity.

But there is a more terrible revenge. Revenge that makes you forget about yourself, your life, loved ones and relatives. This revenge burns out all the feelings inside, leaving no room for joy and hope. In this case, the misunderstanding why the person who caused you grief should go unpunished is simply driving you crazy. I want to hurt the offender, many times superior to yours. And that becomes the only goal in life. But, the worst thing is that such revenge does not bring relief even after its implementation. Only feelings of emptiness and confusion remain. Because for too long a man lived only in revenge, not paying attention to everything that happens around. And after the revenge happened, the goal disappeared and it became unclear how and why to live on.

Those who want revenge need to remember that revenge is a double-edged weapon. She mortally wounds both the avenger and the victim. No wonder in the East they say: “You are going to take revenge, prepare two coffins at once.” And there are no winners in this situation.

So is it worth spoiling life for yourself and those around you guided by this destructive feeling? Maybe you should gain strength and forgive a person? Yes, forgiving truly and not wanting to hurt you is much more difficult. It is easier to give in to the first impulse to hurt the offender than to generously forgive him. But it is not without reason that they say that the ability to forgive is the lot of the strong.

One cannot but agree that generosity, condescension, forgiveness are far from always possible. Such acts as meanness, betrayal, murder, and much more can not be forgiven. And here you have to make a choice between a sense of revenge and generosity. It is always difficult and not always right. But this is everyone’s personal choice. Just doing it, we should never forget that, hating someone, trying to insult and humiliate him, we first insult and humiliate ourselves. And you should remember that all actions in life are returned by a boomerang. And this boomerang is very cruel and always catches up unexpectedly.

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