Essay on “Spring is my favorite time”

Most of all I like spring. When all living things wake up, the snow melts, the sun shines brighter and warms the earth. People begin to collect birch sap, the first mushrooms – lines and morels. Green leaves make their way through the last heaps of snow, buds bloom on the trees, gracefully decorating them.

How wonderful to walk in the spring. Streams are running, boats can be launched. Streams of water are connected and, with a turbulent stream, are breaking new paths to ravines and lakes. Meadows and fields change their dull condition and are covered with a green veil from various spring primroses. Thin leaves and new branches of bushes and trees tend to rise higher, trying to turn to the sun in all its parts. The sky, which is covered by clouds, beautifully floating in the clear blue sky.

The first spring rain pours, snowdrifts are becoming smaller. The last pieces of ice left in dark, unlit areas were no longer able to resist the mighty heat. Spring is in full swing.

All animals try to get out of their holes, nests as soon as possible. They, too, seem to enjoy all the transformations that, as if by magic, suddenly occurred in nature. After a harsh and long winter, the first shoots appear, new chances to live in warmth and harmony.

Holidays celebrated in spring are very symbolic. The first and ninth of May are characterized by the fact that with such success our country has been working hard for many years. The hard work and the eternal memory of the soldiers show the whole Russian soul and the meaning of our life.

I want to keep the special air saturated with freshness, which can be felt only in the spring, for the whole year. Ahead of us is another wonderful time – summer. The time will come for a long vacation and wonderful meetings with friends whom I have not seen for a long time.

In the spring you can go on a trip to the south of our country. For example, in the Crimea there are wonderful flower gardens where you can watch the flowering of tulips. This is an incredible sight that can be watched for days on end. How magical the landscape of local cliffs, plains and the wonderful sea look, which stretches to the horizon.

Wearing a light scarf and rubber boots, you can safely run through the puddles and streams running down. How wonderful it is to inhale the smell of the first bonfires and blooming flowers. Spring is a real event that you have been waiting for a very long time. A time of change, first love and magical dates in the open air. Rather, this wonderful time would have come.

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