Essay on the theme: “It All Starts with Love”

It seems to me that love is one of the driving forces in our world. She moves the rocks closer to each other, connects hearts, drops the stars, so that someone would think to find her love, and of course she did.

It all starts with love for your homeland. To your city, country, nature, to the house where you lived and grew up, where you studied and fell in love for the first time, where you worked and grew old. Even if a person moves, a piece of the Motherland is always in his heart and soul. After all, there are his relatives and friends.

The closest people for everyone are his parents. Where your mom and dad, there is your house, there is your energy and strength. They always wait for you there, love, support, there you will always be a child. So, it all starts with the love of parents. So you were born, and you already love mom, you see her eyes and smile, she’s beautiful, she’s yours, then you see dad, he’s prickly, bearded, but funny, and you already love him too, all the same.

Even if you don’t like to study, you love your friends. Maybe you still love a few lessons and teachers who turn ordinary board examples into fun games. Then begins the very love of her. She sits at the same desk with you. Are you in love. Your adult life begins with love for her.

Then you fall in love with some element and thanks to it you go to study in a certain field of activity. Someone has a love for the Russian language and literature, someone loves cars, someone thinks that he likes to repair sockets, this also needs to be loved, otherwise it will not be comfortable in the soul.

Then you love your profession even more every day, or you give it up. But if you already decided that it is yours, then you study and get a diploma. With all your enormous love, you go on your first internship and now, you have already grown up the career ladder.

You remember her, the one who sat at the same desk with you, you walk, family life and children began with your love. Your children have it all over again. With the smile and tears of mom, with dad’s beard … It seems you love again, love to start all over, live with new, little men.

With them you again love cotton candy, carousels, green grass, the sun’s rays through the window, noise and songs, dancing to unloved music, grunting under your ear, running in the morning from your room to your bedroom. You started your day again with love, in which you, children, wife, work and love are.

And even when you will be quite old, you will again begin with love, with love for grandchildren, and you will go to the next round of love for the world. And so every time, again and again. Love moved your rock, lulled your ardor and burst into the soul without asking.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.