Essay on the theme: “The Coming of Spring”

The most long-awaited time of the year is coming, spring is coming – beauty.

The arrival of spring is felt everywhere: the days have become longer, the sun shines brighter, melting with warm rays the caked snow that has bothered the long winter. The sky opened wide and became higher, illuminating the world with all shades of delicate blue.
Surviving the cold and hungry time, the birds, rejoicing in the warm sun, cheerfully sing their songs, jumping from branch to branch.

Icicles hung on the roofs of the houses, crying with crystal tears over the passing winter.

In some places, the first thawing spots are already appearing, and although even at night the winter from the last forces freezes the snow melted by spring rays, spring is rapidly approaching.

A deliciously fragrant spring air fills the chest with freshness, causing a feeling of joy, happiness and love for the whole world.

Just a little more, and streams will be scattered everywhere, taking away winter mud along with snow, washing and clearing the earth for a new life. Migratory birds will return to their lands from warm countries.

Very soon the first snowdrops will appear, filling their surroundings with their heady aroma.

Trees and shrubs wake up from a long hibernation, absorbing new vital juices from the warmed earth. Soon they will all be covered with the harbingers of bright green foliage – delicate emerald buds.

The most beautiful time of the year is spring, the time of awakening of all life, the time of new achievements and discoveries.

The heyday of the work of many great poets and painters was inextricably linked with the spring, which found a gracious response in their works dedicated to this magnificent season.

With the advent of spring, the whole world flourishes, it becomes kinder and better, the earth is covered with bright colors, and the souls of people strive to awaken new unknown feelings.

For me, spring is the most desirable and beloved time, and every time I rejoice at her coming as the closest and dearest creature, which gives happiness and joy.

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