Essay on the theme: “Walking in the Winter Forest”

Waiting for winter is always exciting for me. Why is that? Yes, probably from the fact that winter is the said time of the year, dipping all over with your head and enveloping the whole world in a sparkling silver plaid.

Despite the cold weather, I really like walking in the winter season. During such a walk, you can watch the snowflakes … wrapping themselves all around. All parks, alleys, forests, houses and even people are shrouded in a soft feather bed of fluffy snowflakes.

And if the rays of the bright sun break through on a winter day, then everything that surrounds me becomes bright and shiny with a wonderful overflow! Frosty snow crunches underfoot, as if reminding us that winter is a harsh time of the year.

Our family just loves the forest in winter, and therefore we often go there just for a walk, or go skiing, sleighing, ice-fishing or lounging in the snow. How unexpected and pleasant, when a squirrel jumping from tree to tree, sways the branches, and they drop their downy outfit to rare passers-by on their heads.

In winter, the entire forest resembles the kingdom of the Snow Queen. He is magnificent! Trees and everything in the area is rich in silver. It seems that the queen’s lodges are about to appear and along a long, uneven path in which legs sometimes fail, will be led to the Land and Gerda. But what smells in the winter in the forest! This freshness, frost and needles cannot be repeated artificially! Not a single perfumer in the world is capable of this! I just want a year ahead, until the next winter to fill myself with this all! I want to saturate every cell of myself and everything that surrounds me with this impregnation, until the next winter fairy tale arrives!

Despite the frost and the cool, for me there is nothing more beautiful than a forest walk in a winter fairy tale with my closest people!

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