Essay on the topic: “Do I need to be faithful to my dream?”

What is a dream? The image of what a person wants to achieve or how he represents his life in the future. Someone dreams of a beautiful red car, someone wants a good job, and someone wants his family to be happy and healthy. Dreams often change, since the person himself changes, and much that he dreamed of in his youth, already in adulthood, is of no interest to him. Sometimes you have to give up a dream, sacrificing it for the sake of your family or other equally important life goals.

Much depends on what a person puts into it and what he is ready to do in order for the dream to come true. If this is just a fleeting desire that is woven from some stereotypes like “I want to be rich” or “I want to become a model, because all the girls in the class dream about it,” then maybe a dream is not worth fighting for and sacrificing for it for her sake. Such desires often change, as life itself changes.

Few people manage to achieve their dreams simply and immediately. Usually the path to achieving a dream is thorny and difficult. Difficulties can make a person give up, think that he is on the wrong track, and sometimes forget about the dream forever. And in his declining years, he recalls his unfulfilled dreams, regrets about missed opportunities, reproaches himself for the lack of willpower and perseverance in achieving the desired goal.

Someone has gone all his life to his dream, setting small goals and taking tiny steps forward. He casts aside all doubts, draws in his imagination successful scenarios of the embodiment of the desired. And even the smallest luck becomes a spark of inspiration and joy, a bright moment in life that moves a person to higher deeds and gives a feeling of inspiration.

In today’s world, less and less dreamers among adults. Many people set themselves goals and objectives that relate to the world of material wealth. However, the path to their achievement is not always honest. Some people do not see obstacles on the way to their goal, are not ready to reckon with the needs and interests of other people, and are deceived. I believe that the goal achieved in this way will not bring happiness to this person. This goal cannot be called a real dream.

A true dream is achieved through self-knowledge and self-development of a person. She makes him more honest, more generous. It brings a deep meaning and great joy to his life. If there were no people in history who realized their dream, then there would be no progress and development of mankind. The wheel would not have been invented. Tesla would not have designed devices powered by alternating electric current. Yuri Gagarin would not fly into space.

A fulfilled dream gives a person and surrounding people a feeling of kindness and happiness. One who makes a dream come true gives the world a piece of himself. Just in order to give people a little bit of happiness and kindness, it’s worth it to boldly go towards your dream.

Following your dreams, it is important not to forget about other values ​​in life. Of course, a dream helps a person purposefully go forward and conquer one peak after another, but sometimes when you manage to achieve your goal, instead of happiness, your heart fills with disappointment. Therefore, it is extremely important that you fulfill your desires, do not forget about your loved ones, because they are the most important thing in the life of every person.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.