Essay on the topic: “Falsehood”

The concept of “falsehood” is perceived by people, quite, unambiguously and always with a negative connotation. It seems to tell a lie – this is to deceive people, thereby harming them, therefore, it is bad and not right, then a lie is evil.

In the Bible, in the book on which human morality is based, among the list of commandments given to humanity, there is one that deals with the conversation about lies. It sounds as follows: “Do not utter a false testimony against your neighbor.” This is the only rule concerning a man’s unrighteousness, given to him as a law. That is, the absolute evil that violates the commandment is that lie that is pronounced as the slander of another person, that is, a deliberate lie, to bring another person pain and suffering. Such a lie is indeed evil. But the Bible does not say anything about pronouncing falsehood in other cases, and this is not accidental, since a lie, indeed, happens for good. And not every person who pronounces not the truth or withholds something does wrong, but in some cases, even quite the opposite.

Lying, sometimes, is saving, it protects many people from many serious situations, from rash acts, from family destruction, from nervous experiences and stresses, preserves health and prolongs life. There are a lot of situations. And in this case it will not be a deliberate evil, on the contrary, such a lie is an attempt by the person who commits it to show mercy and sympathy for another person. Only a loving heart is capable of such an act, therefore, most often, lies for the good are committed by people in relation to their loved ones, to those whom they really love, who they care about, who they worry about. Then they become ready to take on the whole burden and pain of reality and save another, their own person from it. Therefore, it is not rare that this type of lie can be even a small feat for the one who commits it.

Lying is not an unambiguous category, it is necessary to think about this concept. A person should analyze the words spoken by him, first of all, as to whether they bring pain to another person or, on the contrary, protect him from it. A correctly set task will lead to the right choice of the necessary means, its achievement. And such a tool can be a lie.

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