Essay on the topic: “Fidelity and Treason”

For people in the modern world, often there are no clear ideals that are immutable. The truth changes depending on the circumstances, the opinion is determined by the search for greater comfort and benefit.

That is why some fundamental guidelines, such as fidelity, become a kind of atavism or are foolishly elevated to some kind of Komsomol badge, which must be worn so that others can be seen and receive general approval.

In my opinion, with true fidelity, neither one nor the other has anything in common. Indeed, fidelity represents, first of all, the internal quality of a person.

Moreover, sometimes it seems to me that it is innate, well, or acquired from childhood, and some people are simply deprived of an understanding of fidelity, they are far from this ideal, as the Sahara desert is far from Antarctica.

If you continue to reason like this, you come to the conclusion that in the end a person can only change himself. The most important thing in this is that for such a betrayal no one will apply any sanctions and often no consequences at all follow. Moreover, such a betrayal can even bring some semblance of peace of mind and comfort.

The logic of irresponsibility and personal comfort is now extremely widespread. Even at school, we see how students can sacrifice their own ideals for positive grades. Perhaps this is also present in adulthood.

Therefore, fidelity in the sense of fidelity to one’s friend of the opposite sex, with which various amorous affairs are associated, is seen only as part of a more general worldview. People who are not true to themselves can always change and find an excuse for treason. Such people have an amazing (for me) ability even to commit a disgusting act, in particular treason, to find peace of mind and feel completely normal.

For example, they may call loyalty a “dog feeling”, a kind of affection that a dog experiences for its owner. People, in turn, they consider something more sublime. Nevertheless, such “thinkers” forget that for a dog a person is a kind of ideal and loyalty to him for a dog is probably almost religious in nature, while in their society they are not particularly faithful and choose the doglike manner of relations where everyone another potential partner, loyalty is not in price, but betrayal is called freedom.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.