Essay on the topic: “Generosity is strength or weakness?”

In those ancient times, generosity was the most important act, it was imitated, they sang songs about it, composed poems. And that was perfectly acceptable. And in our modern society, generosity is considered some kind of weakness or stupidity. And therefore, they can look at caring people as abnormal.

Quite a lot of people care about the question of why this happened, why this concept has undergone such a transformation.

From the stories of grandmothers it is clear that everything was much simpler before, namely: the houses did not lock, everyone trusted each other, people were much simpler, there was no anger. And if a good and courageous act was committed, the price was very huge, because at the same time there was a high level of trust. In those days, no one was afraid of anyone, the grief of one was the grief of all, and the joy was simply indescribable.

And if in our time three days the apartment will be open, what will happen to it? Surely there are people who will cleanse her. And the person, of course, will worry. So it turns out that 3000 years ago, the level of trust was much higher than in modern society. And if a person is at the crime scene, the robber will certainly cause brain injury, it is possible not to stay alive. From this it is clear that generosity is dangerous, and maybe even stupid.

One concept does not matter at all. You can imagine a completely different situation. The pregnant woman loses consciousness. Some people pass by and do not pay their precious attention to it at all. And it can happen quite wrong. You call an ambulance, provide assistance, then the relatives of this woman consider you a real savior. Thus, you show magnanimity, and as a result, all those who are familiar with generosity look at you, such a feeling in this way will not become stupid.

Therefore, you should always think with your own head, showing generosity so that it does not become real stupidity. Do not be indifferent to other people, it is detrimental. Literally for every case, there is one correct action that must be correctly applied. And if you think carefully, it is always possible to make the right decision.

It all depends on the situation. Generosity can be tremendous power, or it can be tremendous weakness. So you need to clearly know when to show generosity. No need to be a callous person in relation to people around. Remember this, sometimes it is just necessary to show generosity.

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