Essay on the topic: “How We Made a Snowman”

Winter is a wonderful time of the year. Snow covers the foliage-dropping trees, as if rewarding them with warm clothes for the red-yellow variety of colors that they presented to us in the fall. Rivers and lakes are covered by a thick crust of ice, as if the Russian hero had a reliable shield covering cold waters from winter weather.

At such a time, silence occurs in nature. Only somewhere sometimes with a knock on the bark of a tree the red-headed woodpecker will awaken the silence or a snow-covered hare will crunch with snow, running towards the village in search of uncovered fruit trees or other food.

At such a time, usually my mother and grandmother put on warm fur coats and felt boots, took snow shovels with us and went into the yard. First, we cleared the path to the barn, and then we began to sculpt a snowman from the collected snow. The most interesting thing was to sculpt the largest ball, because it should be of maximum diameter. The three of us had to roll such a ball, and under its weight it bent the snow so much that sometimes it even clung to sand, which remained a black ribbon on the future belly of the snowman.

Next, we rolled up the second ball and also the three of us with all our strength rolled it onto the first ball. The third, the smallest, mother put herself, because my grandmother and I did not have enough growth to get to the top of the snowman.

Then we rubbed the balls of the future snowman with mittens to make it smooth and pleasant, and after that we decorated it with cones, carrots, fastened a bucket on it, which symbolized the headdress. Sometimes mother spread watercolors with water and we painted the snowman in different colors, making it fun and unique. We always gave him a name, and then went home to bask and drink tea. Then in the evening I loved to watch our creation for a long time, proud of it.

I remember how happy I was when people passing by smiled and praised us for the work that we did together for one day!

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