Essay on the topic: “Indifference and Responsiveness”

Indifference and responsiveness are concepts familiar to everyone. At their core, they are antonyms, so they cannot get along in one person. Although there are exceptions. These are people who are responsive only to good acquaintances and friends, and to the rest they are absolutely indifferent.

Responsiveness is the willingness to help a person in any situation: whether it is a problem in the family, in personal life or in finances. This quality few can boast of. Only a few are able to be responsive in our cruel world. The rest just wave their hands at the problems of other people and go further on their way. This is called indifference. An indifferent person does not pay attention to others and their affairs. He thinks only of himself and his problems, does not want to help anyone.

Unfortunately, there are more indifferent people in the world, rather than responsive people. Let’s think how many people will help the grandmother who dropped apples on the street? Or a girl who fell from a swing? Who, lifting a wallet from asphalt, will spend a lot of effort to return it to its owner? Few. The rest will either just pass by or stop to watch the show. After all, this is not their problem. They are not required to help. But if every person in the world will reason like that, then there simply will not be any good on earth. All will be on their own. And a man needs a man. That is why you need to help each other, and not throw in trouble.

After all, as soon as a person himself falls into a bad situation, it seems to him that the whole world owes him. Return the wallet, lift it off the ground, help pick apples. In this case, it is more reminiscent of selfishness than indifference. But there are few responsive people. They help in any troubles not only to relatives and friends, but even to strangers. For example, they give a neighbor a vacuum cleaner if she breaks, and does not slam the door in front of her nose.

Responsiveness, like many other positive qualities, must be brought up from childhood. Parents should explain to the child that to remain indifferent to the troubles of others is bad. After all, someday a person himself may fall into such a situation when he needs help. And everyone around will not care about it.

Summing up, we can say that indifference is not a negative quality, but a neutral one. But even it can cost a person life.

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