Essay on the topic: “Letter to Santa Claus”

I am writing to you from the cold snowy Siberia. Our temperature outside the window is minus thirty-three and a half degrees, and at night the thermometer’s column generally drops to minus forty-one degrees. But in the winter it’s fun, you can sled from the ice mountain, skate and ski, sculpt snowmen.

A very magical holiday will come soon – it’s the New Year! We will decorate a beautiful Christmas tree at home and at school. And I want to ask for gifts from you, dear Grandfather Frost, for myself, my relatives and friends.

Please give your mother a long mink coat so that it does not freeze this fierce winter. Give dad a nice car, because the car our father carries us on the roads often breaks down and we have to walk or ride a tram. Give my best friend Seryozha and give me videos for the summer. This is our dream with Sergei – rollerblading in a closed stadium and in the summer in a city birch park.

Also, I want you to take care of your grandparents. I love them very much. They live separately from us in their two-room apartment on the second floor. When I come to visit them, my grandmother treats me to delicious pancakes with sour cream, and my grandfather always plays checkers with me. They have poor eyesight, but they really like to watch different television programs and TV shows, though they only have TV at home with a small diagonal screen. Grandfather Frost, please give them a television home theater. This will preserve their vision and improve their mood.

And also, Santa Claus, I want to give you a present myself. I am still not a very rich person, because I am still small and go to school, but I have sweets, crackers and homemade jam that my grandmother made for the winter. I will leave all these gifts under the tree on New Year’s Eve for you. I hope you find these gifts and you will like them very much.

I wish you a merry New Year’s celebration, and thank you for everything.

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