Essay on the topic: “My best friend”

They say that there are never many true friends, and there can only be one best friend. He came to us in the second grade. I saw a new one at my desk. His hair was an unusual red color, and his whole face was dotted with freckles. It seemed to me that he, like a sick chickenpox, was all strewn with them. Observing decency, I greeted him, but for myself I decided that I would not be friends with him.

After finishing the lessons, it turned out that my new classmate had already fled home, but had forgotten his briefcase. The teacher, looking at the magazine, found out that he and I were living in the same house and asked to return the portfolio to the owner. This state of affairs did not please me at all, but I could not disobey the teacher. All the way I came up with words and phrases that I would say to this red-haired boy, demonstrating my indignation.

And then the door opened. On the threshold with a wide smile stood my distracted classmate. He scattered in thanks and invited to come.

He managed to show me a cat with kittens, an aquarium with goldfish, play the guitar for me, treat him to tea with buns that his grandmother had just baked. He didn’t just show it, he talked a lot. It was so interesting that at some point his freckles ceased to seem so numerous to me, and the red head even began to like.

Since then, I often began to visit him. How interesting we were together. Not a day passed that we did not see each other. We were friends, chatted, helped each other out in difficult situations, helped, showed concern and interest.

And we liked the girl alone. How to share it? They completely broke their heads. But my red-haired friend somehow came and reasonably explained that there was no way for girls in real male friendship. The issue has been resolved.

Dad says friends can be different. Someone will become a friend at school, someone in the yard, in the section. And there are friends in life. You can even rarely meet with them, but you know that you have each other.

I want our friendship to become a lifetime.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.