Essay on the topic: “My favorite food”

From the beginning of their existence, people eat in order to live. In order to walk, work, fight, a person needs food. In the world there are a myriad of types of different foods. There are national cuisines. Chinese cuisine, for example, is unrecognizably different from Russian or English. Each nation has its own particular dish. For the Japanese – this is rice, the Ukrainians – borsch, the Belarusians – draniki …

Everyone has a favorite food. The food that he could eat every day in huge quantities, if finances and health allowed it. I am not an exception to the rule. I have a lot of favorite foods: sushi, chips, donuts, buns, strawberry smoothie. All the food I have associated with some time of the year, happy time or people with whom I first tried it. But still, the most delicious food for me is ice cream. I remember how in childhood we bought a large heart-shaped package as a family. It was an ice cream cake with butter cream and nuts. Then it disappeared somewhere. Even today, I go to the store with the hope of finding something similar in order to recall the so-called “taste of childhood.”

I love completely different types of ice cream with different tastes: caramel, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, simple creamy ice cream. Even sweet ice is delicious in its own way. This product reminds me of a hot and sunny summer. After all, after water in hot weather, ice cream is the best way to cool.

I love ice cream in the horn. It’s so crispy, and usually at the bottom chocolate is expected as a surprise. And in winter, eating ice cream is also very healthy. The contrast is especially beautiful when the house is warm and the street is cold.

With my sister, we usually eat chocolate ice cream, with friends we eat strawberry, and I myself love caramel. When I feel sad, usually a rainbow-colored cold treat helps to cheer up.

Also very tasty is the food that a person cooks on his own at home, spending his personal time cooking it. Mom and I have been making homemade ice cream at times. In it we add kiwi, honey. It turns out to be very tasty and healthy, as it contains homemade cream!

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