Essay on the topic: “My Favorite Music”

Music has very tightly entered the life of modern man. She surrounds us everywhere: in the store, in the subway, and just on the street you can hear her motives. We are so used to it that sometimes it not only matches our mood, but also makes it.

It’s hard for me to say what kind of music I like. But of course I give preference to rock, such songs, in my opinion, are filled with deep meaning and emotions. I like folk rock the most, each song is a little story about love, about life.

When after a hard day I just want to be alone with myself for a while, I listen to classical music. She penetrates the soul, thereby awakening in her an endless thirst for life. It seems to me that such music will never lose its unusual sensitivity, giving harmony and beauty. I especially like listening to Mozart’s compositions, which are unusually soulful and gentle. Every time I hear them, I think about what a person had to feel in order to turn his inner world into notes, into music.

Music not only adapts to the mood, it gives the mood. In the morning at dawn, when the sun only lights up on the horizon, I turn on light Latin songs, funny and dance, filled with the sound of a guitar. They help make the morning brighter, fill me with a charge of good mood for the whole day.

I have always been admired by people who write music: no matter what. After all, the most important thing is to do things we love, bringing joy and pleasure.

Music is everywhere, everywhere. It sounds with a light motive in the soul, penetrates the heart, makes you think. Music unites people, sometimes it is a very important factor in communication. People listening to one music quickly find a common language, common topics for conversation.

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