Essay on the topic: “My Favorite Pet”

My favorite pet is a cat. I love cats because they give a lot of affection and love.

For a long time I asked my parents for a pet. I wanted to take care of someone. But I didn’t even think about a cat. I wanted a turtle or a parrot, a lizard or a snake, a ferret or a rabbit.

Four years ago, my mother, returning from work, brought a small box for transportation, in which lay a tiny lump. As soon as the container door opened, the fluffy miracle stirred. It cast a startled look around her and squealed quietly. After some time, when my new friend realized that no one would offend him, something furry came out, lazily fingering his paws. It turned out to be a little black kitten. We decided to name Innocent our new pet.

Kesha grew every day. I played with him, stroking, feeding, combing. Once I even took him for a walk, putting a leash on him, like a dog. However, the walk failed. Innocent was afraid of strangers. All the street seemed wild and unusual to him. He threw himself on my neck and clutched my t-shirt. I brought the scared cat home and did not conduct any experiments with it anymore.

Once Kesha fell ill. The disease was serious. I had to do an operation. The doctor said that there is a risk that Kesha will not survive. We were worried about our cat as a family. The operation went on for more than two hours, but ended successfully. I looked after Innocent in the postoperative period. I sat with him, stroking, feeding, drinking, sewing. At this moment, we became very close to him. A definite connection was established between us, which would not be broken.

Kesha recovered in a month. Since then, he does not recognize anyone except me. He only eats what I give him. He gives himself to caress only to me. And he allows only me to perform all sorts of unpleasant procedures in the form of washing, combing, and cutting nails.

Innocent supports me in difficult moments. When I have difficulties at school, Kesha seems to feel it. He comes to me and looks at me with his affectionate face, as if he says: “Do not be afraid, everything will be fine.” And, indeed, Kesha is right. As long as I have such a wonderful friend, I will be fine.

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