Essay on the topic: “My favorite season”

Summer is my favorite time of the year. The time comes for the longest vacation of the year, which I always look forward to, as there are three months ahead of sun and heat. I love this time of year because you can walk all day with friends on the street, pick ripe apples, plums and cherries from the trees. Unlike winter, in the summer it gets dark on the street very late, and you can free up enough and play enough of your favorite games. In summer, the street is very beautiful – everything blooms and turns green. It even smells in summer in a particularly pleasant way – ripe fruits, berries and fresh grass.

Also in summer I like to go to my grandparents in the village, to the country. There is a big river in the village, which my friends and I go swimming almost every day. There is even a bungee, on which I really like to swing, and then jump into the water. My friends and I often swim to the other side, and then we bask in the sun for a long time, or play volleyball. And my grandmother in the garden in the summer grows different vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, which are much tastier than those that are sold in stores. Grandmother always preserves vegetables for the winter in the summer, and I help her. Even in the village there are many animals. Our neighbor even has a horse, and last summer I rode on it for the first time, and then fed apples and hay from my hands, it was very cool. Even when it rains in the summer, I’m not upset, because after the rain, my grandfather and I go to the forest to pick mushrooms. Grandfather taught me to distinguish edible mushrooms from inedible mushrooms, and when we get home with the “prey”, my grandmother bakes delicious cakes with wild mushrooms.

But most of all, I love the summertime because my parents and I always go to the sea. I really like to swim in the sea, especially when the sea waves that cover with my head. I also like to run barefoot on the hot golden sand, and collect beautiful pebbles, which I then bring home and lay at the bottom of my fish tank. On the beach, they always sell something tasty, most of all I like hot corn or straws with boiled condensed milk. In the evenings, my parents and I often go for a walk on the promenade. It is always very beautiful and fun there – lots of lights burn, music plays and smells of cotton candy. I like to watch street performers perform, especially those who work with animals. From the sea I always come tanned and happy, gaining strength before the upcoming school year. For all this, I love summer, like no other season!

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