Essay on the topic: “Nobility”

Nobleness has always been highly valued, and will be valued in our society. It comes from the soul and heart of man, and extends to everything around. Nobility includes such human qualities as kindness, honesty, sincerity, openness, friendliness, fidelity, responsiveness, love for all life on earth.

Nobleness is a very wonderful and inspiring quality in people. Noble man never passes by another person’s misfortune, he will always help and help out in a difficult situation, despite all his affairs, he has generosity and humanity, the ability to experience and sympathize. Nobleness is when a person helps others just like that, not expecting any recognition and encouragement for help.

Nobleness is often the willingness to sacrifice your time, money, important matters, for the sake of helping another person. This is a willingness to help someone even in the most difficult period of their own lives. To be noble is the ability to always give something, give a part of yourself, material values, time, necessary means, give emotions, express feelings, speak nice words to other people.

This amazing quality appears in a person from childhood, when parents teach their child kindness to animals, to toys, to people around them, to the whole world. They lay this wonderful feeling for the child, showing everything with their own examples. When a child sees how parents often help others: feed stray dogs and cats, carry heavy bags of grandmothers, carry them across the road, tell people how to get to a certain place, do charity work, he has the same behavior in his head, and in the future he begins to behave the same way.

I believe that such parents are the wisest, because raising a child in the modern world is not so simple.

Thus, we can conclude that nobility is an amazing and very necessary quality in a person. Everyone loves and respects a noble person, turns to him for help and advice. And what else can be more beautiful than when you can help another person, make him happier, and feel great gratitude. So, let us from an early age bring up in our children nobility, warmth and love for the whole world around us.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.