Essay on the topic: “Pride and Humility”

How many in the modern world of proud and arrogant people. They surround us everywhere, from wealthy entrepreneurs to children of wealthy parents. Proud people have a very difficult and complex character, but sometimes their true face is never revealed.

Pride is a sense of one’s own exclusiveness and superiority over others. The man believes that everyone should treat him in a special way, give him compliments, emphasize his exclusivity and good character traits. A proud person does not tolerate criticism and disagreement. If you go deeper, you can see that pride never lives alone. This vice brings friends with it.

Pride is in a good relationship with selfishness. A selfish person thinks only of his own benefit. He thinks about how to make sure that all people work for him, his desires, dreams and applications. This category of people is prone to manipulation. Egoists put pressure on other people. They do not care what way they get what they want. Egoists will go over their heads. True, there are those who do not want to harm others. They hurt others unconsciously.

Examples of such behavior are Eugene Onegin and Grigory Pechorin. Both are selfish, but Onegin inflicts pain and discomfort on others unknowingly, and Pechorin does it intentionally.

The pride and arrogance of other people is disgusting. They feel that they are perceived as a second grade. Proud people very often have power, knowledge and special abilities. Very rarely, pride is born out of the blue. You need to be something of yourself to be proud of. However, there are those who are proud of such stupidity that those around are given a diva.

Humility is the antipode of pride and the only cure. To be humble means to submit, to agree with people or circumstances, even if you do not want to do this. Humility is always difficult.

Humility puts others above themselves, puts a person in a position of submission, not power. We can often notice that people who had a great fortune left the monasteries after the ruin and obeyed the higher authorities. They realized that there is someone over them who controls everything. Their money, fame and power were temporary, and now they need to learn to live anew. Live the same way as ordinary people. Some in this case become hardened, while others humble themselves.

Humility helps restore spirituality and follow the right and clean path. God himself humbled himself to the death of the godmother.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.