Essay on the topic: “Professions of my parents”

My parents are the most wonderful people in the world. I love them more than anyone in the world. They gave me life and raised me, for which I am very grateful to them. My mother works as a pastry chef, and my dad is a bus driver.

My mother’s name is Anastasia Konstantinovna. She became a pastry chef by accident, she is a lawyer by training. Initially, my mother worked as a lawyer in one law office, but then she got tired of it. Work implied permanent employment, she had practically no days off. Mom quit and became a housewife. I forgot to say that my mother cooks very tasty, and what kind of cakes she gets – you will lick your fingers! One of these cakes was a step into a new profession.

Once upon a grandmother’s anniversary, many guests came to us. Mom set a chic table and made a great cake. One man, a former grandmother’s colleague, was delighted with his mother’s cake, and offered her a job in his candy store. Mom agreed. A normal working day, a decent salary, a weekend on a schedule, and even the opportunity to do what you love — it was a sin to refuse. So my mother found herself.

Now let’s talk about dad, his name is Alexander Grigoryevich, he works as a bus driver. According to Papa, he spent his entire adult life “spinning a steering wheel.” He has been working on the bus for 5 years, before that he was a driver of Kamaz, he carried goods around the country. Dad likes his work, he transports people from one locality to another. Dad is a real driver – a professional. He is well versed in car repairs, and can fix anything. All friends and acquaintances turn to him for help. Dad doesn’t refuse anyone, he even considers opening his own service station. Dad’s bus is always in good technical condition, almost never breaks.

I like to be at his work, well, that is, on the bus. Together we drive around the city, it is very interesting, my dad also teaches me how to repair cars. I often help him in the garage. Dad said the profession of auto mechanic will be very useful to me in the future. And I am not against the fact that he teaches me to understand cars, this is an exciting lesson. Dad also teaches me how to drive a car, but this is still not working out well for me, but I try. I think that by the age of 18 I will definitely learn and pass on my rights. I want to become a racer, well, that’s another story.

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