Essay on the topic: “What is egoism”

Selfishness is a feeling of self-overestimation over the rest of society. Such a person does not take into account the desires of other people, but focuses only on himself.

Often, egoists are simply unloved, under-kissed people in childhood. They lack attention from those around them to their person, to their achievements, in general, to all life activities.

Perhaps selfishness is, on the contrary, an overabundance of attention to the individual. A person gets used to be the center of attention.

It turns out egoism is a character trait that can manifest itself in absolutely any personality, in someone more, in someone less. If you look at egoism from this point of view, then in most cases, such a character trait as egoism has a “golden mean”. That is, such a person shows kindness to the world around him and is ready to come to the rescue or support, but at the same time does not allow him to “sit on his neck.”

Again, with the manifestation of egoism, a person is guided by thoughts of personal gain, so maybe egoism is a reflection of the human body on external factors of its environment. After all, when a person feels the need for something, for example, in food, he doesn’t really think at that moment how to feed that next guy walking … Any absolutely any person first of all thinks of the benefit for himself, that is, it turns out to be egoistic in relation to to other people.

Probably egoism is also acquired, for example, when a person for some reason closes in himself and in his mind comes complete indifference to his life.

Thus, egoism is a reflexive feeling, which is an indispensable component of human psychology, which is not always noticeable to the personality itself and greatly affects her life. Indeed, the belief that there is only one’s own “I”, is also a kind of egoism. This is a kind of protection of people for their actions of their whole life, namely: not wanting to work, mistakes made, manifestation of negative feelings, and much, much more. All people with their own needs, which require constant satisfaction. That is, you first need to help yourself before a friend. It is difficult to focus on someone else when your own problems live in your head and require solutions. A person becomes an egoist because he is drowning in the routine of his unmet needs. A person will be free and will be able to pay attention to solving other people’s problems. What is bad is that people think only of themselves – this is not bad. Perhaps that is why a person becomes an egoist. So egoism is a person’s lifestyle.

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