Essay on the topic: “Who can be called a cruel person?”

Cruelty is a character trait that is common to many people, it includes anger, composure and arrogant attitude towards other people and the whole world. Such people may be completely indifferent to the grief and problems of other people.

Cruelty is a concept that combines indifference, composure and anger. You can call a cruel person who is indifferent to other people. For him, his personal needs and desires are important first of all, he looks down on the rest. He is not afraid to offend anyone with either a word, or a look, or an act. He can easily insult, humiliate and even not notice it. He doesn’t care about someone else’s misfortune, he doesn’t touch other people’s tears, compassion is alien.

The theme of cruelty has always been, is and will be relevant as long as a person exists. Every day we encounter cruel people. Sometimes this quality arises in childhood, if the parents have not instilled in the child mercy and a kindhearted attitude towards people and those who are weaker or need help. And sometimes cruelty is an acquired trait. It may appear as a result of life circumstances, a bitter experience. For example, if a person has been betrayed, cheated more than once, or if he was left alone with him at a difficult moment in his life, he himself becomes callous and embittered throughout the world.

Cruelty is always a reflection of self-doubt, dissatisfaction with one’s life, with its help a person hides his internal psychological problems and complexes, trying to show strength, which is not there. Most often, the manifestation of cruelty replaces a surge of stress, adrenaline. The sad thing is that mainly those who are near suffer from cruelty – the family, close people who disrupt evil. Close people are like lightning rods, take a blow at themselves and suffer.

There are various manifestations of cruelty, it can be hidden and pronounced. Hidden cruelty looks like just sharp remarks against someone, neglect. And active cruelty is dangerous for society. Here we are talking about physical violence, about aggression against those who are weaker (animals, children).

The highest manifestation of cruelty is indifference. To the tears of others and to the misfortunes of others. In this case, selfishness does not allow a person to be compassionate.

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