Essay on the topic: “Winter Forest”

Winter in the forest is a particularly beautiful phenomenon. The huge amount of snow that covers absolutely everything around is a beautiful landscape that you want to admire ad infinitum. Birches, which become especially noticeable against this background, are exposed and sag under the weight of snow. At this time, everything becomes absolutely unusual. The whole forest becomes so white that it dazzles with its beauty.

At this time, people begin to look after a Christmas tree, which they are going to decorate for the New Year holidays. We can see more and more tracks in the depths of the forest. In addition to human tracks, we see many tracks of various animals: squirrels, hares, and sometimes even wolves. At this time, the aroma of some kind of frosty freshness is floating in the forest, which fills a person from the inside.

The winter forest is not in vain described in many works of great Russian writers. They all loved this forest, considered it native. It is difficult to find something similar to our nature somewhere else in the world, it is it that is remembered most of all.

The beauty of the winter forest changes throughout the day. In the morning it is unusually bright, due to the rays of the sun. In the evening in the forest a very beautiful sunset. And at night, the darkness of the forest scares you, because the light is almost invisible. And such beauty is preserved in the forest for about four months, until the warm April rays melt the snow everywhere.

The winter forest holds many secrets and mysteries that will be revealed only with the arrival of heat. For example: snowdrops that are hiding from our eyes. Even in the forest, the wind raises very strong blizzards, they are very scary, each of us understands this, because what is the sound alone …

Winter brings us a lot of joy, this joy lasts a very long time. It is very important to love our winter, our nature, our forests, all this very much pleases all the inhabitants of our vast country, love for all of this unites us. It is our forests that are the most beautiful in winter; our harsh climate seems to make them more and more picturesque every year. It is very important to mention our birds. Bullfinches – birds that delight us with their color are most associated with the Russian winter. A lot of birds do not leave the borders of our country, even in such a cold time, they become a very beautiful decoration of our beautiful forests!

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