Essay “On the will of man and its achievement”

The problem of human will has always bothered thinkers. Throughout its history, mankind has gone through many stages of spiritual and physical enslavement and liberation – Antiquity changed the medieval era, after the Renaissance it was time for Enlightenment. Each era in its own way decided whether a person was worthy to be free. But one thing remained unchanged – the will was never available to all people. There have always been owners and subordinates. Man has always depended on something on nature, on other people, on his own ideas about the world. Realizing the impossibility of complete physical freedom, people sought spiritual freedom, learned to relate to life circumstances.

Despite the difficult political situation of the twentieth century, it gave mankind a unique opportunity for both the physical and moral will of each individual person. Slavery and serfdom finally disappeared in the world, religion ceased to dictate a person’s choice in his personal life. Gender inequality between women and men is decreasing more and more. The world promotes the equality of people of all skin colors. Such people could not imagine two hundred years ago.

Yes, we have become a hundred times more free than people over the past two thousand years. We can choose our education, our own way of earning a living, our life partners. We can choose whether we want to have children or not. We can choose which country to live in. We can buy anything we want. Of course, for this you need to work and make efforts, but it is possible!

And it seems that people are a little confused by this will. Therefore, now the choice is so wide that it is difficult to understand what exactly you really need. And for this, someone wants everything at once, and the other does not want anything. Someone becomes a slave to fashion, someone – money, entertainment. And with the spread of the Internet, we all look at each other, look in others for answers to questions that only we can answer for ourselves. We compare ourselves with strangers, completely different from us people and want to have what they have. And then we are unhappy, because it really doesn’t suit us at all.

So in the era of material and physical will, it turns out that the real will is internal. Real will is loyalty to oneself, the ability to think critically, adequately assess the situation and one’s own strengths, be able to set the right goals and work towards their achievement. The will is internal independence from the opinions of others, the ability to listen to one’s heart. And having this plus physical freedom, you can live a full, meaningful life.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.