Essay on “What is Courage”

Courage is a person’s ability to overcome his fear in the event of any danger. Courage is often confused with fearlessness, however, this is not the same thing. It seems to me that there are no fearless people, each of us has our own fear or something that causes anxiety or excitement. Courage is the conscious action of a person in the face of danger.

There are professions in our world that are based on human courage. For example, a lifeguard shows courage and courage by entering a burning house, the roof of which can collapse at any moment. The rescuer shows determination and courage, fighting fear in order to save other people.

Courage is an important feature of a person. The ability to deal with our fears allows us to live with dignity, to be honest with ourselves. Courage can manifest itself in both large and small deeds. The courage of the heroes of the works presented is an example of heroism. But every day we have to struggle with our “small” fears. For example, it’s hard for someone to speak to an audience. Before each performance, such a person has to suppress his fear, show determination and courage.

Courage is the ability to overcome your fear. This is an opportunity to do decisive action. It is the manifestation of courage that allows a person to overcome their complexes. It manifests itself in a person before a real danger.

It is this feeling that helps a person to soberly assess extreme situations. Very often it is courage that a person does not have enough to decide on anything. This makes it difficult to move forward and slow down development. We must always boldly look forward and not get lost in inadequate situations. Despite everything, courage moves a person forward.

Courage develops in a person the ability to overcome difficulties. It helps to do what you think is necessary, and what you want. A person needs to develop a sense of courage. Then any difficulties will be on his shoulder.

Courage is a very good character trait. She makes people worthy of respect. A brave man must really represent the full extent of the danger. Then he will act as fully as possible.

It is a brave man who has a beautiful and firm gait. Courage is a control over your emotions, the ability to control yourself and your actions. So, a brave person is not one who does not know fear, but one who can really assess the danger.

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