Essay on “What is cowardice”

Shyness is the inability to cope with your fears, the inability to go over specific problems and the inability to act in emergency situations. But it is worth considering that this property sometimes helps to avoid some problems, and sometimes to save a life.

It is worth noting that cowardice in our time is a very bad side of a person, others react to it mainly with ridicule and censure. People who are very cowardly do not achieve high goals in life and it is difficult to see any positive qualities in this. Of course there are types of people who achieve high goals, but these are certainly not dangerous ways in which the coward does not see a threat to himself and danger. It is worth considering that fear controls cowardice and if you connect a competent head to this property, you can come up with many combinations of successful development in your favor of the event with the help of cowardice.

The negative attitude to cowardice is manifested in the fact that people do not like when someone does not dare to take problems upon themselves, someone who is afraid to take risks in any way, for example: financial or physical. The negative is also explained by the fact that people like you to solve dangerous and difficult issues, and meanwhile they reaped the benefits of sunbathing. Let us give an example: someone sees that a man is drowning in the river and one without hesitation jumps to save him without fear for his own life, and the coward at that time will not do this and will just stand aside and look at what is happening. That’s why the first person will be praised and said that he is very brave, meanwhile I will call the second person a coward and poke a finger that he did nothing when it was needed.

The above does not in any way indicate that cowardice is useful and necessary. To be honest, cowardice cannot be completely ruled out; if everyone were brave and had no fears, then humanity would have died out long ago. But fortunately, the instinct of self-preservation is like a brain and a heart in a person himself and it cannot be ruled out. Everyone has fears, but the main thing is who and how shows this. A person may be afraid of some situation, but he will think it over and do everything so that no one will notice that he was scared. Very few people can completely exclude cowardice from their behavior, because situations are very different, if for example you have been in a situation several times, then you will not be so scared, but when you first encounter an unexpected situation that threatens your life then almost everyone will be afraid, but this distinguishes the bold from the coward, the way he behaves, and not what he feels. Of course, brave people achieve much more in life than cowardly people. But cowardice takes place when fear forces you to retreat in certain dangerous situations.

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